2.Brand Vision

Make Disinfection as Easy as washing hands.
Everyone can afford for it.
Everyone would like to use,
and less disease for everyone

Company Profile

59S starts a new era of  LED sterilization. A simple, efficient and environmentally friendly way is creating a bond  of connecting the simple and healthy life.

1.Company Introduction 

The Pioneer of LED Sterilization
•1 UV LED Company in Global
•FIRST company to MP UVC LED sterilization products
•1 out of 2 UV LED beads made in the World is from 59S
•1000+ employees

Means Easy
Means a kind of life attitude
Means Easy love
Life is busy, we don't have enough time.
But everyone can take 59 seconds  to give love to
yourself, and your family
Love is very simple, you only need 59S!

3. Brand Concept

Factory Informtion


X+59S Project

Brand Globalization

Industry Park

R&D Center

Assembly Line

Which brings High Attach Rate with Category Relevance and Sense Sales.

It's a new concept of leveraging business

by combing the uniqueness of 59S products.