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Principles of 59S UV-C LED Disinfection Technology

The light of the wavelength at 260-280nm in the sunlight can destroy the RNA/DNA of bacteria and germs. 

Biomimetic sunlight, UVC-LED uses a tiny-sized chip to emit high-energy 280nm light wave, physically destroys the RNA/DNA of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and can kill all bacteria and viruses in the water, objects, air, etc. In a short time, it can kill all bacteria and viruses on objects in the air and water including Corona virus, influenza, tuberculosis virus, hepatitis virus, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, HIV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, Candida albicans, mites, etc. Anything with RNA/DNA structure can be killed.

Vaccine & Comprehensive Daily Disinfection is the Best Way to Avoid Mass Group Infection.

Research shows

As long as the UV dose is sufficient, no UVC-resistant bacteria, viruses and fungi have been found on the earth. It’s the most advanced, effective, comprehensive and safe disinfection technology in the world.

Most Cost-saving, effective, comprehensive, safe and eco-friendly

Difference Between UV Mercury Lamp and UV-C LED Lamp

Traditional UV Lamp Tube

Wide wavelength UV lamp light, including light waves that produce ozone "toxic gas", It can kill all germs, but it’s dangerous.

Only limited to professionals and places Material: Mercury (Human's No. 1 Pollutant)

The tube-type UV lamp produces chaotic UV light, ranging from 100nm to 400nm, which is lower than 240nm UV light will decompose oxygen to produce ozone, which is a hazardous substance; Ozone can harm human mucous membranes and nervous system.

It is a hazard that is strictly prohibited by the state. Ventilation is required for 30 minutes after each use, which can only be applied to professional places;

The traditional UV lamp has a comprehensive and effective disinfection function, but it produces "toxic gas", just like a toxic "insecticide". It can only be used in very few professional places.


New UV-C LED lamp

High-purity UV light, eliminating light waves that produces ozone "toxic gas" Better disinfection effect, non-toxic

Good for any space Material: eco-friendly and safe semiconductor chip

UVC-LED produces 260-280nm high-purity sterilization-specific UV light, will not decompose oxygen, can be used by human beings, it's available in any place and at any time.

This is a problem that has not been solved for 100 years. LED has made a revolutionary breakthrough and make it safe.

Now it’s only 1% of the traditional disinfectant cost, more comprehensive and effective technology can serve all spaces and people.