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Air & Space Sanitizing System Get Samples

Another new series launched by 59S – Air & Space Sanitizing System. 

If the current trend goes on, it’s almost impossible to avoid infection in the future for a crowd-gathered community, so vaccine & strict daily disinfection is the only way to avoid mass group infection. 

What will be the best comprehensive solution for daily air & space disinfection? Here are some suggestions we can share with you: 

Air Sanitizing Bar X50 – Designed for Room Upper Air Disinfection
Air Sanitizing Bar X51 – Applicable to HVAC System
Space Sanitizer X20, X30 series – High-Power, for Professional and Directional Disinfection 

We would like to invite you to join us as an agent and get in the ground floor of the newest opportunity in the sterilizer industry. Fill out your information below to get samples and see for yourself.