Are Portable UV Light Sterilizer & Disinfecting Wand Worth it?

This cool amazing product right here what it is is a uv sterilizer wand so i mentioned some of the stuff right here so it has a uv sterilization wavelength of 260-280 nm, that is 99.99% sterilization rate, and they also have a certification proof that shows that the product is authorized to be sold and also to show that actually works and then the last thing i mentioned that all you guys have to do to use a product is sweep it five times. so just go like this for five times and then it should help kill the germs and the good thing about this part in particular is the fact that you guys can use it as a one like. it's like sweeping motion or you can use it as a little flashlight as well. so now i should open up the product first to show you guys what i provided and then we're gonna do a quick test product to show you guys what i'm talking about so when we first take out the product this is basically what it looks like this is everything that they provide us right here it's insane so they do probably a little goggle that you use for safety they do provide us a little baggie that you use to hold the one and everything. it provides a cable which is a usb to micro usb cable to actually charge the product up.

So here's the power button right here to activate the product, here's a little uv light that you can use as a little flashlight, so that way you don't have to open up the whole entire wand to use it. You can use this option right here on the bottom part, you can see that they have the micro usb slot to actually charge the product and right here. we have a little lock button or unlock button right here that you can use to unlock the product or lock it when you guys are using it or not using it. so first thing you want to do is unlock it first and then you're going to press the button activate it. so you guys press the button right now actually will activate the uv light right here, and then when you guys open up the actual bar like this. Then you guys will use the uv light in here, so i don't want to show it to you guys right now on the camera like this. Let me actually do that first, so first thing i'm going to test this part right here, so just go like that and see the colors starting to change a little bit. So obviously this one is not as strong as the other one inside because it has only one of these uv light part right. Here inside have multiple you can see so much more stronger, and then if we open up the inside and then use the one part. It should be much stronger and have a better effect because of the fact that it has multiple uv light inside, so it has a better effect instead of like just using one of them. All right so you can see so obviously, the closer you guys put it the stronger, the uv light effect would be, so it turned really purple around the moderate just now. But if you guys put it like a little bit farther away, then actually would be really low and obviously if i put like super close like right here. Then actually it would be really high, so it should be purple, so let's show you guys what i'm talking about, you guys can see that it's really purple because it's like really really close like up front right next to the actual uh tester or paper itself.