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Illuminates When People Come, Disinfects When People Leave

59S is the global leader in UV-C disinfection. SunClean is one of the brand from 59S, designed to keep people safe and healthy. 59S SunClean lighting is blazing the trail in integrating UV-C disinfection into LED lighting. Intelligent, automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and illumination 3-in-1.

Lighting with the disinfecting power of the sun. No more physical harm from chemical disinfectants. Each SunClean™lighting product is equipped with a military-grade 5.8G radar. Before each disinfection cycle, a self-diagnosis is performed to ensure safe product performance. If the radar fails, disinfection stops automatically. The SunClean UV-C sterilization LED bulb light is perfect to install in your kitchen and bathroom to easily remove musty. The SunClean down light is suitable for your bedroom or living room, you can easily create a healthy space by change the light.

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