Back to Work Safety Tips

During this special time, how can we return to work safely?

Hope these tips can help you.

1. Do Not Go to Work if You have a Fever or Cough

2. Take Advantage of Services Available from Your Employer

3. Continue to Maintain Social Distance

4. Wear a Face Covering

5. Continue to Telework, if Possible

6. Open a Window

7. Minimize Exposure to Common Areas

8. Sanitize and Wash Hands Frequently

Sanitize items at the office include a desk, chairs, computers, cups, door handles

Handheld sterilizer wand is able to sanitize your chair, desk, computer, keyboard, and the door handles, which important is it is portable and lightweight to carry, it can be taken on the bus, subway, airplane, and so on.

handheld sterilizer wand