Convenience of UV sterilizer

We'll see in hospitals when patients get infections ,they have prolonged hospital stays often require intensive care and have basically .you know a major interruption in their life because of
the ill effects of infections .there are several different interventions ,we use in the hospital to try and decrease the transmission from these pathogens and hygiene is a big focus, we also use what we call contact precautions where for patients that we know have these pathogens will wear gowns and gloves ,and then discard those gowns and gloves when we're done caring for that patient ,so we don't then carry that organism to the next patient and more.

Recently have really been focusing on the environment as a way to decrease the transmission, so in our study we trialed three different enhanced strategies for cleaning rooms in the hospital, and what we found is that if we added a UV see emitting robot to our standard cleaning ,then we could actually reduce the transmission and infection from these four bad pathogens by 30% ,which was a significant finding from our study ,so we are now in our Hospital using standard chemicals for cleaning ,but then once we're finished with our
routine chemical clean ,we'll roll in a UVC emitting robot turn it on for
approximately 30 minutes and add some enhanced disinfection to the room .

Before that next patient then comes into that room ,we had two tertiary care centers in Duke and UNC a VA and six different community hospitals ,so there was good representation of all of the different areas that care is provided and we found that in general ,it was effective in all of those settings and so I think it's important that we have pretty good generalizability from our study , we think that that's an it's an effective strategy not only in the big Hospital like Duke but in small community hospitals as well.

The same applies in life. We can sterilize the room with a UV sterilizer, which is very convenient