Don’t misunderstand about UV Sterilizer!

Many persons don’t really understand the importance of disinfection. In our daily life, we usually make mistakes about using, ultraviolet sterilization or uv sterilizers.


Actually if you use it wrong, it is almost useless. However, you do it right there's all kinds of benefits, all right so number one a lot of people have a total misconception of what this thing is even going to do,  do not understanding what sterilization is and what this thing is actually doing. So we can often see someone said the uv sterilizer can kill xxx, but actually it's sterilizing it which means that it's going to stop the thing from reproducing so what we're going to do is use the uv sterilizer and the ultraviolet light, to damage the DNA of this microscopic organism, which make it can't replicate itself any longer.


The uv sterilizer is based on flow rate, so it can play the role of going aftrer algae or bacteria and parasites. So there's two different things that's happening here. so the parasites have like a pretty slow life cycle. So uv sterilizer make an important roles in our daily life.

 UV Sterilizer Box S2

Especially, the uv sterilizer can disinfect our daily items, which can be used for household equipment, such as cell phones, glasses, toothbrushes, and so on. And what's more, advanced UV-C LED light offering wide wavelength coverage at 260-280nm and 360° protection for universal support, which can help reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and impurities.