How to use the 59s uv led sanitizing lamp?

  1. powered by usb supply(power bank,computer,or usb charge)
  2. The uv led sanitizing lamp enters the light mode
  3. Unlock the child lock,you can change it to sanitizing mode
  4. Set the timer:5mins/10mins/30mins/60mins
  5. Disinfection preparation: the white indicator flashes slowly for 5 seconds”beep,beep,beep...”sound indicator
  6. Built-in human body sensor:automatically stopped disinfection in sensing range between 0.5m-1.5m
  7. Continue disinfecting when you are away
  8. Lock the child lock,the uv lamp is off
  9. Touch the power button,the lighting mode is on
  10. Holding the power button for 2-3 seconds to dimming
  11. Single click power to adjust brightness from 5-1.
  12. Press the power button to turn off the light
  13. 59s uv led sanitizing lamp sanitizing on-the-go