Make sterilization process visualization under a microscope

How  to check if the UVC LED sterilization work?

UVC LED sterilizing process can be seen under a microscope

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sterilizing process

All 59S Sterilizer use UVC LED beads.

1.Small chips with large energy

Not all UV wavebands can be sterilized. The deep-UV LED sterilization technology selects a specific wavelength band (260-280 nm), which has a great destructive effect on organic matter and can kill bacteria in a short time.

2. Chips more expensive than gold

The deep-UV LED sterilization technology was first used to build the decontamination module components of the International Space Station project and has played an important role in the water sterilization of space station. 8000 chips are only 1g heavy. To some extent, 1g LED sterilization chips are more expensive than 100g gold.

3. copper plated with 99.99% pure gold

Because the UVC energy generated by LED is huge, it is easy to damage the auxiliary material of lamp beads, which has almost strict requirements on the manufacturing process. In order to prevent the oxidation of copper from affecting the performance of deep UV rays, the bracket portion of each UVC lamp bead is processed with copper plating (copper plated with 99.99% pure gold).