Mini UV Sterilizer

It's basically a UVC sterilizer.

* It can disinfect pacifiers bottle nipples and small baby items at home or on-the-go, eliminates nasties, kills 99.99% of bacteria including flu viruses.
* Chemical free, leaves no dangerous residues nor leeches harmful chemicals.
* Proven technology UV lights used by hospitals to disinfect operating rooms of drug-resistant bacteria.

There are UV light boxes on the market specific for hearing aids but I find that they are all priced at over $60 (most). They also have fancy dryers inside but I'm looking for something that I can just quickly drop a hearing aid into to get it clean after I've already sanitized it. Now, on the reviews that I've read for this product they say it really only works if you plug it in not using the rechargeable battery inside of it, or you can install some regular batteries somewhere on here. But, the nice thing is that it is ozone free.

So we'll go ahead and demonstrate that as well. Okay, so I have it plugged in. it's supposed to show a red light when it's just plugged in. On the inside here you can see there's four little UVC lights and there's also mirror to help brighten it up and those lights will help reflect off of the white surface is in here. So I'm gonna go ahead and place that paper inside here and give it a go and then we just press the button once there we go the light is the button and when it's solid red again it's supposed to be ready so that's gonna take about 60 seconds.

Okay, so it's been 60 seconds and I was reading the instructions and it does not turn to green it will just stop blinking and stay solid again then you're supposed to just open the lid and check on your paper. So let's do that now. So, I can clearly read that label now... so I'm going to assume that it is working.

Okay so now I'm going to show you what that looks like when we use a hearing aid in the box the first thing I like to do is make sure you have nice clean hands. I like to saturate a tissue with Hearing Aid Spray which the EPA has released information on the chemical structure of this. I like to take the hearing aid and kind of sandwich it in that saturated tissue so I try to get all of the most of the shell if I can and avoiding the microphones on the hearing aid. And then you can also just give that little button a wipe on the top and try to just be very careful about not getting those microphones and trying to get as much of that user button as possible and then I let it sit there for three minutes this is a hearing aid so no one's worn it yet... And then now, after three minutes, I will go ahead and put it into it and close the lid and then give it a go. I hear a little like high pitch sound in there like it's working!

This also has a really nice little clasp which is great for moms on the go if they want to like strap this to the baby bag and it is child safe so the UV light will auto shut off if the lid is opened so that's good it also says it kills smell so it kills the hard to remove odor from things causing bacteria. I could probably put some other small things in here like my keys maybe even like my little video remote thing that I use for the YouTube videos. So, it's quite a little portable box and it doesn't take up a lot of space so I kind of like that. It has a sleek design oops I don't know if you're supposed to turn it over don't do that.

And now it's done! So, that's it!
Of course You want to have clean hands, probably glove up when you go to remove these if it's for a patient. But that's it that's the conclusion. I will be using this now after doing my sanitization with my hearing aid spray and then we can also probably use hearing aid spray on the inside of this box as well letting it saturate for three minutes.

I would recommend flipping the hearing aid over maybe even to all four sides: Up, down, to the side, to the other side. You can use hearing aid goo to position it within the contraption.