Today I'm going to be reviewing the uv light sterilizer, I will tell you why you need this.

First of all you will definitely use this kind of a product for a long time because like I said, it is not just for baby products, you can put your phone in here to sterilize it, keys obviously your bottle parts pump parts, but just everyday items, so this is something that will not go away when your babies get older, you can have this as a staple in your house for a long time so we use this product because we like it for our babies, but also I'm really conscious about germs right now. We're hyper sensitive to all the germy stuff, so when we come in from work, we put it right by the door, so when we come in, we put our phone and keys in and wallet, so we know that everything that comes from the outside is going to be clean also.

This kind of a uv light sterilizer still protocol the you put your phone, your wallet, any kind like object that you were going to be bringing in into the uv light sterilizer. I highly recommend this product to everybody, but especially those moms with nicu babies, you're hyper sensitive to germs and if you're concerned that maybe you were in contact with somebody who was a little germy, you can just be extra sure with the with the things that you frequently use to just sterilize them. This kills 99.99% of bacteria and the way it does it is not through moisture or heat. It's through uv light, so it's a very reliable way to actually kill the bacteria.