UV Sterilization Bag

Hello I'm going to talk to you about 59 second travel bag, what comes in the box is the 59 second bag itself along with a power bank and a USB cord to charge, your power bank we highly recommend that you charge the power bank for 24 hours, upon first opening the box once charged simply remove it from the power source and plug it in to the power adapter on the back of the bag.
It is in the spec sleeve and there is an orange arrow, on each of the devices to indicate where to connect once connected you will hear an audible beep. indicating that the bag is turned on you can then store this power bank in the back sleeves of the bag, so it is out of the way you can now see that the light blower on the front of the bag, is now going indicating that power is going into the bag just sterilize all you need to do, is simply wash and clean your bottles and pop them within the bag.

You can pop in your child's favorite either as well as some pacifiers or anything that you are needing to sterilize be, that cutlery or bowls or what even your child to be very confident in you simply then zip the bagclosed power, it on by pressing the button at the front and press it again and it will start the sterilization cycle, it'll take three minutes to sterilize and off a single charge, you will get 17 cycles you can tell that the bag is working and that it is sterilizing by the pit window at the back, where you can see the glow there is a inbuilt safety feature but if you unzip the bag whilst it is sterilizing. it will automatically stop and turn off and you'll hear a bit 59 seconds for the pioneers in our IDI UV sterilization, is a medical grade sterilization process that kills 99.9% of all germs and it's the most effective sterilization technique in the market today.