UV sterilization lamp

a few years ago humans cracked a light wave from the Sun discovering, its special cosmic energy ,nowadays humans use high-tech LED chips to replicate this light wave and apply it to sterilization. so far no germs have been found on the planet that can resist it such tiny chips with strong energy, this has led sterilizing chips each LED chip is only a 0.5 by 0.5 millimeters after chip packaging. it will be a LED sterilization lamp bead ,this is not just a small LED lamp bead it has strong energy.

let's do an experiment now firstly placing the algae on the inverted microscope stage and cover our LED lamp on top, under the microscope algae can be seen to be active and move quickly ,let's turn on the UVC LED sterilization lamp one to look all the algae stop moving the other algae stopped moving to next let's do another experiment on the larger Paramecium. it's size is 100 to 300 times bigger than bacteria, we can see that the paramecia are active turning on the LED sterilization lamp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10,the paramecia are stopped moving, this one even disappeared other paramecia stopped moving - this is the strong energy of UV LED sterilization .


today 59s ec will bring this UV LED sterilization to our daily lives, these products came from the founder of 59th second boyoung Jenny who calls himself product manager is based on the original intention of more protection always good.he is vigorously promoting the application of LED sterilization technology like washing hands he hopes everyone can develop the habit of sterilization so that life is healthier and more comfortable you.