UV Sterilizer Box

this uv sterilizing or cell phone sterilizing using ultraviolet rays now with regards to this recent global pandemic, you don't want to sterilize or in disinfect everything that you can disinfect so what we have,here is a uv sterilizer for small objects. this is a sterilizing box so apart from sterilizing your phone you can use this to sterilizing everthing,but be careful not to touch the water.
plugged in the charge the uv disinfecting your goods is well disinfected even from the underside okay,so you can actually see the glow of that there's a uv if you turn it on, it will if you open up the box it will turn off the uv light for your protection.
okay so as simple as that just leave it put your goods inside leave it for a few minutes and wait until it's done and that's it your small objectsshould be disinfected.