UV Sterilize overview

last time you were in a hospital and you may have saw a worker wash their hands, use hand sanitizer put on a pair of gloves, the problem is is they're bringing in equipment into that room and although they may be washing their hands, what's happening within the room with the equipment that they brought in has that device, now been claimed it had interaction with a patient with a caregiver, and there was a potential for transmission of any type of bacteria from that patient on to that device ,now they're going to the next room and then the next room and then the next room you be clean is a small device, hat is used to disinfect high touch areas keyboards mice touch screens anywhere ,you have multiple touches and not necessarily routine cleaning done.
the UV clean device would attach to that light touch area and do a disinfection when it's not being used, it is an automated solution that you don't have to rely on people to remember to do it .the UVC light disrupts DNA it actually stops bacteria from reproducing, so that the bacteria is eliminated because of its lack of ability to divide and cause infection