UV Sterilizer bag

P55 sanitizer bag utilizes 24 uvc leds to accomplish, its job uvc light with enough power can destroy and degrade the DNA inside germs and bacterias. it's important to make sure the sanitizing items are using the uvc leds instead of the cheaper uva and uvb leds, these uvc leds used in p55 can output 100 microwatts per square centimeters at a distance of 13 centimeters. it is powerful enough to destroy most microorganisms in three minutes.



59s decided to go with external power supply ,because the leds are pretty powerful, it's very easy to use the bag first we connect the external power supply,then we open up the top cover and place the item holder p55 features a very large capacity, i have no problem sanitizing a mini keyboard smartphone and masks at the same time. i really like that p55 has 12 leds on top and 12 leds near the bottom ,the insides are made of reflective materials, this means p55 can sanitize all sides in one section .it's way more convenient than other models with leds on only one side.it's also fairly simple to operate press the 59s logo ,and there will be a single beep to indicate that sanitization has started the logo light will be flashing during the process,it will beep twice when sanitization is finished ,if the top cover is open during sanitization safety feature will be triggered and p55 will stop


i would say this is a very handy item as we are going through kobe 19.keep in mind that uvc light can be harmful to human skin's eye eyes always handle with care!