UV STERILIZER BOX TEST! Phone Sanitizer - Does it work?

Today let's talk about the UV sterilizer box, as well it is a phone sanitizer. It promises to kill bacteria twice as fast as other leading brands. Perfect for cleaning your mobile phone, keys, wallet, earbuds and more. Does it work?


I’ll do a before and after test. And, I’ll show you how you can do your own bacteria test, at home, with no special equipment.


As a true germaphobe, I’ve wanted to get ahold of one of these UVC sterilizers for some time.


Now there’s so many fake units being made it put me off making a purchase, especially at the lower price point. Many don’t use UVC, which is a shorter, higher wavelength. UVC light is germicidal, and can kill bacteria.


Here’s the problem with cleaning your phone.

Some manufacturers warn against using chemicals, hand gels or abrasive wipes that can damage protective coatings. You can clean your phone carefully with just little soap and water. And rinse and pat dry with a clean towel. But I don’t want to get water or soap into the charging port or other places it could cause problems, and I also need a solution for cleaning my computer mouse and car keys.


Our box's inner size is 8x3.5x1.5 inches, which are that it’s a generous size, and has some depth to it for bulkier items such as sunglasses. It feels well made, and has a massive 10,000-hour life span. What's more, its items like your Bluetooth mouse or a set of keys are much harder to clean, get handled just as much as a phone, but maybe are not something we think about cleaning. When was the last time you cleaned your mouse?


It’s USB powered, with a supplied cable. What's more, it can also used as a storage box.


In fact, this UV Sanitizer box has a fast cycle. You only need to press the one-button start function for 0.5 seconds to start the sterilization of 3 minutes, you will hear a message vocal (sterilization). After 3 minutes, it will automatically turn off and you will hear a voice prompt (sterilization completed) to remind you that sterilization is complete. Attention: Please do not open the lid during sterilization.


But just for fun, we’ll do a before and after bacteria test on this mobile phone. This is the part you can do too at home. This is what you need for your bacteria test.


Three sandwich bags, and three slices of bread, and a water spray bottle. This one will be our control. So using clean gloves I’ll pop this slic into the bag. And, we’ll use a little water to add some

moisture which will speed up the process which I’m going to show you. Next, this will be our before test. So, that’s before we clean the phone. And we’re gonna rub the surface of the phone on the bread.

 And pop it in the bag. Next, we’ll place the dirty phone in the box for five minutes. The indicator light on the UV sterilizer box tells us when the cycle is complete. Now we’ll take our sterilized device and rub the surfaces onto a new slice of bread. And pop that in the bag. So we did science! And it was virtually free compared to other methods. Next we need our test results. Admittedly, this does take a long time! Now, the bread will go moldy anyway of course, If we leave it long enough, But what we’re looking for is to see a difference between the before and after test samples, and that will tell us whether the UV sterilizer box did its job. So, after eight days the control still looks okay.


Let’s check out the before and after final test results. I got a considerable difference between the before and after test sample.