UV Sterilizer Door Handle

now more than ever keeping you and your loved ones safe and healthy is a priority, but is there a way to provide that protection automatically with the UV sterilizer door handle. You can introducing a new product that protects you and your loved ones from microscopic threats while preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria acting as a self sanitizing handle. It uses an automatic sensor and UV technology proven to kill Very high of harmful pathogens in seconds including the Cova 19 virus strains the UV sterilizer. The handle after each use with our patent-pending process and eliminates pathogens present on the surface. It's environmentally friendly and chemical free the UV way assures that you can keep viruses away without single-use cleaning products. The UV wave fits any door and with a sleek and stylish finish will suit any household with a simple installation, you don't need to worry about cleaning because we make it easy.

And reliable studies have shown that 80% of common infections are spread by our hands alone and over 1,300 types of germs can live on the surface of our door handles making it a breeding ground. For bacteria to help reduce the chance of catching and spreading those illnesses, we hope that this product can make a positive impact in our communities. The UV sterilizer can make a difference in schools, senior residences, hospitals and even in your own home. Our goal is to protect the people you love. Let's come together and further stop the spread of germs, we can all make a difference rely on us for a safer way.