UVC LED Sterilizer Box

this one the next is this fan button for sterilizing in the old or smart drying temperature control and storage cell storage, we are next to mean for the sterilized and do door and sterilized storage then down in office.I counted all the led UV LED in total its total of 40 lights, little worn tips that you can leave on your free time gene that is 99.9% sterilization rate ,that's three settings pass sterilizer sterilizer, an older that has smart drying, computer control storage stairs storage, then the third one is sterile in the old door that has sterile storage also, and the last button is the only know about this machine is, it can be charged so that if you would like to go out and take this machine, you can use it outdoors or in the work so just give a little demonstration based upon possibly action, we sterilizing model but not have a button right now go to go faster decision all right - one on and click this one for faster incision.