What do you know about UV Disinfection?

UV disinfection is currently a hot topic nowadays. Even people who used to know nothing about UV disinfection are now popularized with relevant knowledge. It is welcomed for providing many benefits over other disinfection methods, which include the following:
- UV disinfection is #chemicalfree and does not add any harmful or carcinogenic byproducts to water, air or the surface treated.
- UV #sterilization systems eliminate the need to purchase, handle, store and dispose of corrosive or toxic chemicals, providing environmental benefits to the treatment plant and the community
- UV disinfection is proven to be extremely effective at eradicating a wide range of harmful microorganisms including pathogens resistant to chlorine treatment
- UV radiation may be combined with hydrogen peroxide to destroy toxic chemicals while simultaneously providing effective disinfection
- UV disinfection is well recognized by professional medical institutions. Its germicidal effect is also certified.
- UV disinfection has been developed into a convenient and affordable way for people's daily life disinfection.
It is no doubt that UV disinfection will be warmly welcomed by people in 21st century and for future when environmental protection has become an inevitable trend.