59S UVC LED Light Multiuse Portable Sanitizer X1


59S UVC LED Light Multiuse Portable Sanitizer X1

1. U.S. Local Delivery:Fast Delivery in 2-4 Days. 59S & 180S FAST DISINFECTION: Standing mode-disinfect single items in 59 seconds. Handheld mode-sterilize multiple items and larger items by scanning back and forth.

2. FOR HOME, OFFICE & TRAVEL - X1 Mini UVC sterilizer made your life easier with a simple press and scan. Apply directly to the surface of mobile phone, glasses, keys, nail tools, beauty tools, mice, and small items. Let us enjoy a healthier life with the disinfector.

3. PORTABLE & EASY TO USE - Lightweight and portable with battery inbuilt. It can easily be stored in a handbag, backpack, or luggage. Sterilize whenever and wherever needed even while you are on the go!

4. SAFETY PROTECTION - With its inbuilt smart sensor, X1 UV Light shuts down automatically when it turned over during the sterilization process.

5. HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: 59S Provides Its Customers a 12 Month Hassle-Free Warranty. Contact Our Friendly Local Customer Service Team When Needed.


**Activity Period: 5 DAYS (May 20, 2020 - May 25, 2020)**


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59S The Leading and Pioneer of UVC LED Light Sterilization Industry. 59S is the first company to launch, research and development, and production of the UVC LED light sterilization products for consumers. 59S the #1 UVC LED Light company and manufacturer. 59S also has many famous partners around the world.


59S has the own production plant and controls the entire industry chain of the UVC LED light industry. 1 out of every 2 UVC LED beads in the world comes from 59S. 59S has more than 1000 employees and complete supporting service, and after-sales service system.