Brand Story of 59S company and their first UVC Sterilizing wand

Owen, the founder of 59S, and the product manager of the company. Share some secrets of 59S. Here we go!

How it comes out? Just from a father wanna to protect his daughter.

As we all known, sterilization will become a part of life when a baby comes, So does Owen's family. His daughter was born in 2009, sometimes it makes life helpless when his daughter goes to the hospital in the midnight. And most are cold and fever, which are caused by infections, and each time the doctor recommends sterilization. He said that time the baby bottles and tableware are strictly disinfected, but her toys, tables, chairs and small beds cannot be disinfected with sanitize. The first time to be a father, he will read some books about baby as most of the fathers. The book said need to spend more time with kids, he prefers to take her daughter out to play and stay in hotel. She likes to bathe in the bathtub, they will wash it, but she is still easy to be ill when come back. In the fight against germs, he is looking forward to having an antiseptic artifact to better protect her daughter. Owen has been following the trends of the UVLED industry, and wanna to make it come true.

Big Chance in 2017,  Aerospace sterilization technology UVC LED UV energy increase 10 times

In 2013, there is still no hope of UVC LED coming into life, however, Owen believe there will be a breakthrough of LED Technology in the future. In August of this year, the 59S company was founded, named UVLED, which is designed to apply for UVLED Application【include UVA(SUNUV UVLED Nail Lamps) and UVC(59S UVC LED sterilizaitons)】

In 2014, three Japanese technologists such as Nakamura won the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing blue LEDs, recognizing the great contribution LED technology has made to humanity. The UVC LED ultraviolet technology for sterilization was first invented by the American SETI company, which is used to disinfect drinking water for American astronauts. UVC LED has the ability to kill bacteria in seconds, but it is very expensive, as much as $ 1,400 per lamp bead.


How to make the price lower and let the UVC LED Sterilization into people’s daily life?

After 4 year hard work, in 2017,the UVC LED for sterilization ushered in a 10-fold increase in energy. Finally the LED ultraviolet into the era of life.It is the time to make his dream come true, the first product came out, sterilizing wand.In order to make sure the sterilization effect, after repeated calculations and verification, finally adopted 20  UVLEDs with the strongest power and low voltage.

How to verify the sterilization effect?

  1. Authoritative agency certification

The 59S Sterilization stick passed the national verification at one time, and the record report of the disinfection product can be found on the Website of the National Health Commission.

      2. Make Sterilization process visualization

Everyone knows that the ultraviolet rays are tube-type ultraviolet lamps, and the ultraviolet rays of lamps are very different from the UV rays of UVC LEDs. There are obvious technical gaps. Lamp UV is a technology 100 years ago, and LED UV is the crystallization of the latest technology! An important reason for the fast speed of LED ultraviolet sterilization is that the wavelength of LED is concentrated at 260-280nm, and the energy is strong and concentrated at one point. The ultraviolet wavelength distribution of the lamp tube is from 100-1000nm, many of which are inactive wavelengths, and the energy is dispersed, generally it takes 30 minutes.

UVC LED sterilizing process can be seen under a microscope

You are able to check it on YouTube:

Maybe someone also witness the moment on the expo all around the world.

 Is it safe to use?

Yes, of course. It is environmentally friendly, free of chemical residues, and can be carried anywhere, anytime. Good tools bring great convenience to everyone's lives, just like cars. We must also ensure its safe use.

The ultraviolet light of 185 nm in the ultraviolet of the lamp will decompose oxygen into ozone during the sterilization process, bringing odor and harm to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. You may sunburn your skin. This is a problem with the traditional tube-type ultraviolet lamps.

 Contribute to a fight against the epidemic

 After repeated verification by the National Health and Medical Commission, UV is recommended as the first choice to kill coronavirus. The new coronavirus is highly contagious and cannot be seen or touched. However, there is no good disinfection method for stethoscopes, thermometers, mobile phones, glasses and other items, and there is a great risk of contact and transmission. 59S LED UV products are the only mass-produced LED UV products in the world. They are loaded overnight in 30 days of the year and sent to  more than 200 hospitals across the country to escort medical staff and fight against epidemics.


Sterilize mask, solving the shortage of masks

 Now having a shortage of masks, the UV light sanitizer will solve the problem for reuse the mask. And the 59S company send each of the employees one sterilizing bag, to protect employees and help them working normally to service more and more people!