Introducing 59S Smart CPAP Mask Sanitizer

Living with sleep apnea can make living life to the fullest difficult. Thanks for the CPAP machine to help them reduce pain. However, CPAP masks are in constant contact with warm moist air throughout the night during CPAP therapy, there are many bacteria and germs inside. Washing just can remove dirty things but cannot kill germs. So a CPAP Mask Sanitize is necessary.

What is 59S Smart CPAP Mask Sanitizer?

59S, is the pioneer of LED sterilization, is the first to use UVC light to disinfect everything in our daily life. Among the LED sterilization technologies, the most critical one is a small LED sterilization chip.

  • Small chips with large energy
         Only deep-UV LED at wavelength of 260~280nm can kill bacteria in a short time.
  • Chips more expensive than gold
          1g LED sterilization chip is more expensive than 100g gold
  • copper plated with 99.99% pure gold

          In order to prevent the oxidation of copper from affecting the performance of deep UV rays,     the bracket portion of each UVC lamp bead is processed with copper plating

How does UVC light disinfect CPAP mask well in 3Mins?

  • UV refers to ultraviolet light produced by the Sun
  • UVC refers to UV light with the wavelength between 200-290 nanometers (nm). It is almost         entirely filtered out by the atmosphere before reaching the Earth’s surface.
  • UVC LED reproduces the UVC light by taking a special wavelength between 260–280 nm.
  • Proven Technology

UVC eliminates up to of germs and bacteria by destroying their DNA & RNA, reduces unpleasant smells by decomposing molecular structure of odor. It is a non-chemical disinfection method being used by hospitals and aerospace applications for decades.

Make sterilization process visualization

Why choose 59S Smart CPAP Mask Sanitizer?

The 59S Smart CPAP mask sanitizer kill germs and bacteria in 3Mins. Using UVC LED light, so it is Ozone and Mercury free. We know sometimes the CPAP cleaning process is long and laborious, filled with pungent odors, harsh chemicals, and parts you have to replace every month. It is easy to use 59S Smart CPAP Mask Sanitizer, put the CPAP mask in the box, one click to go, sterilization is always on the go within 3Mins!
Don’t need to worry about strange odor, UVC light can reduce it. Sometimes after disinfection, you will put it outside, there will be also can infect bacteria, 59S sanitizer make it possible to sterile storage with smart drying function.
In addition, 59S smart CPAP mask sanitizer is UVC light sterilizer and environment friendly. Convenient to disinfect and sterile storage! Maybe it is your best choice!